Maringá, de Joubert de Carvalho, em inglês

On a journey it happened
That the peasant Maringá
Became the migrant,
The most known of them all.

With her
Arrived one who prayed
That never be forgotten
The mulatto that remained.

A joy without compare
Overcame those people
From the village of Pombal.

The drought came by,
All rain disappeared.
Only the water of my eyes
Remained, changed into tears.

Maringá, Maringá
After you’ve gone away
Everything became so sad
That of ponder I fell.

Maringá, Maringá,
To be happy
Homesickness should knock
At another one’s door.

Maringá, Maringá,
Come back to my forest;
Once more a peasant’s heart
Its rest will find.